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There is a wide variety in the types of races different members of SELOC take part in. Some members race only very locally whereas other members will travel the world to orienteer. Some members prefer to orienteer in the daylight whilst others prefer to orienteer in the dark with torches. Some members prefer the forests or open moorland whilst others prefer urban settings. Some prefer long races, some short.

That said our hope is that as many members as possible will come together to take part in the national club competition each year, which for us as a smallish club is the Compass Sport Trophy. This year (2016) we travelled to Bickerton Hill near Chester where we won the regional heat beating our close rivals Pendle Forest Orienteers by 1 point! We will now compete in the national final in Tankersley Woods near Sheffield in October.

There will always be several members travelling to the national competitions such as the British Orienteering Championships, JK Jan Kjellstrom, Scottish 6 day, Lakes 5 day, Harvester etc and we would hope to enter relay teams whenever possible. 

We also have a number of members keen on mountain marathons, multiday navigational events in mountainous terrain in which competitors have to carry enough kit to camp over night. Mark Seddon 10 time winner of the KIMM/OMM Karrimoor International Mountain Marathon/Original Mountain Marathon is a member of the club.

Another completely different type of racing is urban racing and we have a number of members who compete in the Nopesport Urban League each year.

SELOC Saturday Morning Park Series

SELOC generally hold 10 Level D local events each year, which are usually on the last Saturday of every month, and competitors can start their courses anytime between 10am and noon. There is no event in August or December. We typically have courses ranging from introductory to more advanced. In the parlance of colour coded courses we offer at least yellow, orange and light green courses and sometimes a more technically demanding course if the area supports it.

The cost of these events is £3 for adults and £1 for children.

SROC Night Street League

This is a league which many SELOC members enjoy, with typically 15 SELOC members in attendance each event. In 2012/2013 season, SELOC have planned and organised 2 out of the 10 main events in the series. Events are held every two weeks throughout the winter months and as the start/finish venues are typically pubs it is a good opportunity for meeting socially on a regular basis. These are 60 or 75 minute score events in which competitors have to navigate to as many of the control locations marked on the map as possible. Different controls have varying weighted scores associated with them and penalty deductions apply for every minute taken to return to the venue after the specified time period of your run has elapsed. Note that lights and high visibility clothing is essential for these events. 

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