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  • Example map of Bolton area
  • Orange/white orienteering control flag
  • Thumb compass
  • Dibber
  • Example orienteering shoes
  • Top UK Orienteer in action
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Control Descriptions

To help you navigate to each control you will be provided with a control description sheet. The control description sheet tells you what you are looking for, e.g. a path junction, a large boulder etc. When you find the control there will be some letters or numbers which should correspond to those on your control description sheet. If they do match, you have found the right place. If they don't, it isn't your control!

The image below shows an example of a control descriptions sheet. It may look like hyrogriphlics to start with but don't panic a bit of practice and it can be understood. We actually spend quite a lot of time at Club Night making sure we understand this part of the sport. Fortunately, the easier courses don't use these descriptions at all with descriptions being provided in text.

Control Descriptions

A full list of the international control descriptions can be found on the IOF International Orienteering Federation website

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