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Permanent Courses

Greater Manchester has a greater density of permanent orienteering courses than any other part of the country, which allows you to try orienteering on your own at any time. This is because an organisation called GMOA Greater Manchester Orienteering Activites has established over 50 parks to date in local parks and countryside across the connurbation.

Permanent Orienteering Courses are set up using wooden posts or plaques as control markers. There are usually short, easy courses for beginners with controls at path junctions. Further courses progress through a range of map reading skills to find controls a short distance from paths and finally in more remote locations.

Some Permanent Orienteering Courses have 'wheelchair' courses which allow people with limited mobility to follow well-made tracks in order to find trackside controls.

You can do a Permanent Orienteering Course any time you wish simply by purchasing a Map Pack which contains a map and instructions. You will also need a pen, outdoor clothing and trainers. No other costs are involved.

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