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News - October 2014

BrightBikeLights 20% Discount Offer

North West Night League sponsors BrightBikeLights have just announced a 20% discount on orienteering lights for north west club members. If you have fancied treating yourself (or a loved one?) to a new more powerful headtorch visit their website and use the voucher code "NORTHWESTNIGHT" when checking out.

Annual General Meeting

The SELOC annual general meeting was held at Edgworth Cricket Club on 14 October. We have held the AGM at this venue for the last few years and it is proving a great success. The comfy chairs and large table (right next to the bar) provides a great venue for the meeting, which was followed by a pie supper and the club quiz.

The club is in good health at the moment with an increase in membership of over 10% in the last 18 months. It is particularly encouraging to see a number of youngsters and young adults joining the club in recent times.

The principle positions in the club remain unchanged for this year. Club chair is Pete Kidd, Secretary is Caroline Barcham and Treasurer is Alan Heron.  Mark Sammon will continue with his role of looking after the map library and IT expert but will not attend committee this year. Therese is now at Birmingham University and will not longer attend committee. Ross Smith becomes the new Junior Captain.

The North West Orienteering Association (NWOA) recently voted at its AGM to extend its sponsorship of course fees from 50% to 100%. SELOC members can take advantage of this offer to go on first aid, coaching, planning or controlling courses, which will benefit themselves personally and also the club. 

2015 will be the 50th anniversary of our club. We are planning to put an event on at Hardcastle Crags near Hebden Bridge to mark the occasion. This was one of the first areas that SELOC put an event on. We will also have a large party at some point in the year.


The quiz was put on by last years winner Pete Kidd. There were 20 questions split between 4 categories of Orienteering, Sport, Local Knowledge and General Knowledge. A tie breaker was required to split the field as John McIntosh, Clive Atty and Mark Seddon all got 12 out of 20. The tie breaker was 'to the nearest point one of a mile, how long is the M60?'. Mark Seddon was the closest to the correct answer - 36.1 miles - and was duly crowned quiz champ 2014.

SROC/MDOC street league

The winter street league season is back this week! The SROC series in Lancashire kicks off on Wednesday 22nd in Blackburn and the MDOC series in South Manchester kicks off on Tuesday 28th in Didsbury. SELOC members are very welcome at either of these leagues. We will be putting on two of the events in the SROC series - one in Bolton and one in Wigan.

These events involve running around the streets for a fixed length of time - either 60 minutes or 75 minutes. The aim is to visit as many of the points marked on the map and gain as many controls as possible. Different controls have different points value associated with them so devising a strategy to visit the highest value controls is important. You must also avoid being back late as penatly points are deducted for a late return. Torches and high visibility clothing are essential. The events are usually based in pubs and people normally stop around for a pint and some tea afterwards.

North West Night League (NWNL) -


The North West Night League is orienteering in the dark. Several of the clubs in the north west take it turns to put on an event on a Saturday night. SELOC will be putting on our event at Beacon Park (Skelmersdale) on Saturday 29th November but there are also events being put on by LOC, SROC, PFO, DEE and MDOC. A good torch is essential but you wouldn't believe how good fun it can be (and challenging) trying to find a control in the dark. Orienteering at night is a great leveller of ability and sticking to the tried and tested techniques - like following line features - is essential.

Saturday 8th November  2014 DEE event

Venue: Arrowe Park, Birkenhead

Saturday 22nd November  2014 SROC event

Venue: Williamson Park, Lancaster LA1 1UX

Saturday 29th November 2014 SELOC event

Venue: Beacon Country Park, Skelmersdale, WN8 7RU

Saturday 6th December 2014 PFO event

Venue:  Towneley Park and Colliery, Burnley BB11 3RQ

Saturday 10th January 2015 LOC event

Venue: Summerhouse Knott, Newby Bridge

Saturday 24th January 2015  MDOC Event

Venue: Irwell Valley, Prestwich, Manchester.


Club Night - Monday Nights in Bolton

The monday night club night is now back at Eagley Junior School for the winter months. This runs from 6.30 to 8pm every week. The session is typically split in to three parts - 1. fitness training, 2. map work, and 3. drinks/biscuits. We quite often do some circuit training first and then move on to practising or learning about orienteering technique in the second half of the evening. These sessions are appropriate for beginners and more experienced orienteers alike as there is always something we can learn from each other.

Members Newsletter

All SELOC members receive regular newsletters through the post. Until the latest AGM, Roy Stevenson has been editor of the SELOC newsletter. This is a role he has being doing for an incredibly long time - in fact since 1996! The club is very grateful to Roy for the contribution he has made in producing the newsletter on a bi-monthly basis for all these years.

We are pleased to announce that we have a new newsletter editor, Rhian Glover. Contributions to the newsletter can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Membership Renewals

As of November 1st, SELOC will be accepting membership renewals for 2015. As agreed at the AGM, membership fees remain unchanged from 2014 going in to 2015. That is the membership fees are £20 for adults (£15 SELOC, £5 BOF) and £4 for children (£2 SELOC, £2 BOF). The easiest way to join or renew membership of SELOC is via the British Orienteering website.

There are a number of benefits of membership that even longstanding members may not be aware of. A number of attractive discounts have been arranged for BOF members. These include 15% off at Cotswolds Outdoor, 10% off at Go Ape, 10% off at, 10% off at YHA and 10% off at AA. See the full list here.

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