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Salford & Manchester Urban Results

Orenteering at MediaCity UKWhat a great day today at the Salford and Manchester Urban Event. SELOC Would like to thank everybody for turning up and making the event a success.

We received lots of good comments and hope that everybody enjoyed the courses and the map.

I would also like to thank the BBC and the poor staff that hold the tours for giving up their entrance hall so that we (along with the Darleks) could invade it.

Please feel free to let us know if you enjoyed the event via our Facebook Page, Facebook Group or using Twitter.

Our official photographer for the day Peter Cull (MDOC) has captured some excellent angles of the action - Photos.

Tony Udris (SYO) has also produced a 64 minute GoPro Headcam video of his whole run from Manchester to Salford on Course 2 - Video.

Provisional Results Here

Last Leg Times

RouteGadget Here 

Winsplits Here

Controllers, Planners & Organisers Comments

Controller's Comments

Congratulations to SELOC for staging a great event. I heard a lot of good comments from the competitors.

I enjoyed working with Pete Kidd who, despite the numerous constraints, planned interesting courses and was quick to take on board the suggestions I made. Tom Felbaum did a good job with the map which had a lot of challenging areas – particularly the railway arches that the longer courses encountered and the numerous bridges and underpasses. On the organisational side Caroline Barcham, Lisa Kidd and Steve Round were most efficient in tackling the complexities of the event.

Every time I am involved with an urban event I learn more and this was no exception. In an urban event, the size of the area means that it is not always practical to check absolutely every detail in the way that that one can with a sprint event in a more compact area. There were several small problems which came to light on the day but I hope they didn't spoil anyone's run:

  • A bungee jump unexpectedly fenced off an area but we noticed that when putting out and checking controls and warned competitors at the start
  • An uncrossable fence on a route to control 66 (and maybe 238) was removed in the few weeks before the event. Competitors who saw there was no fence and ran that way will have saved some seconds. However they are difficult to identify from the splits and (effectively) the map was wrong. Sometimes we have to accept that (as in the forest) the map cannot always be 100% accurate. Note that removing a leg from the course is very bad practice as it can create more unfairness than it corrects. (See the discussion in Appendix I Section 3 of the BOF Rules). And I am sure that the problem was not sufficiently serious to require the courses to be voided.
  • Some gates on the north side of the attractive housing estate across the water east of the Salford start were unexpectedly unlocked and open. As soon as we realised that, we sent some officials to close the gates and man them. From the split times, we will try to identify those who went through the gates and may add a small penalty time to compensate for the advantage that they gained. In retrospect, we should have been more aware of the danger when setting legs where the "legal" options are several times further than the straight line. Competitors don't all have perfect vision and will not always realise that they have illegally gone across an uncrossable feature if the feature is not actually uncrossable e.g. if an "uncrossable" gate is open.
  • The tape used to secure some of the SI units covered the flashing light. When I saw that, we uncovered the light for those control units that were near the finish. I know that some older competitors and those who are hard of hearing rely on the light.

David Rosen (SROC)

Planner Comments

First off, I really hope you enjoyed these courses – general feedback has been very positive.  It seems funny to think it is all over now after 12 months of planning and numerous trips to Salford and Manchester.  Putting this race on was a serious challenge but I hope you will agree our races were a great showcase for orienteering as well as the Cities of Salford & Manchester.

When I embarked on the planning process I hadn’t realised how difficult it would be to obtain permissions for this race.  Steve Round and I had multiple meetings with several of the key land owners involved – probably 30 to 40 separate meetings in all.  We were incredibly fortunate that most of the land owners were able to assist us in our request to stage the race but we were still forced to make some quite substantial changes to courses in the last couple of weeks.  We also had to negotiate some difficult legal documents in order to gain permission to run along the critical sections of the Bridgewater Canal that facilitated the traffic-free ‘journey’ back to Salford from Manchester.

Ultimately, I am delighted we were able to deliver a race with all the controls in the correct places, we had permission to run over the ground for every leg (despite a minor protest on the day from a security guard in Spinningfields) and we had such a clear and accurate map.

I was extremely pleased with my choice of Manchester start venue for Courses 1, 2 & 3. The small, compact space next to the iconic John Rylands Library on Manchester Deansgate offered a great atmosphere as everyone gathered.  Despite the permission restrictions and the A to B nature of our event, in my view courses were far from linear.  There were quite a few serious route choice legs, particularly in Castlefield and almost continual changes of direction were encountered as you passed through the new business buildings in Spinnigfields, the roman ruins and docks of Castlefield, crossed the canals to the housing estates of Orsdall and on into the Quays.  It was a real shame that the impassable fence in the northern part of Salford Quays had been removed in the last couple of weeks (it had been there for at least a year if not more) as this was a deliberate challenge I had chosen to set having almost fallen for it in our test event last year.  A further planning issue was that we didn’t know until the day before the race whether the bridges over the Ship Canal used by Courses 1, 4 & 6 would be raised for shipping. Fortunately they were down and courses passed unhindered over the canal to/from Trafford.

The shorter Courses 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 remained entirely on the Salford Quays.  The residential area in the centre of the map was always going to be critical to the success of these courses as there are only two legitimate ways in/out of the estate and it is quite complex within.  In hindsight I should have resolved to marshal the north and west sides of the estate from the start of the race as despite checking the status of the gates in the morning I couldn’t guarantee the gates would remain closed.  I used OOB on the map to indicate that ‘nipping through’ from the north and west side of this estate was not legitimate.

Finally, thank you to my controller David Rosen (SROC) for his expert advice in all maters throughout the planning process.  Tom Fellbaum (MDOC) produced an incredibly accurate and consistent map, which made life much easier. Steve Lang (MDOC) did all the printing for us to his usual, very high standard. Mark Sammon (SELOC) has worked extremely hard to deliver results and all things IT associated with the race.  Caroline Barcham had a massive job to organise two starts three miles and a Metrolink ride apart and a grandstand finish. Steve Round has coordinated the whole SELOC Urban Weekend and the race couldn’t have gone ahead without his endless commitment.           

Pete Kidd

Organiser's comments

Firstly I would like to say thank you to the Manchester weather – you would not believe how hard I was praying on Friday afternoon! But it worked. I hope that all competitors (and their friends and family) had a fantastic day. Thank you for coming to the event.

First the apologies. Apologies to those people who had to wait a little at pre – entry for their 'goodie bags'. The system worked reasonably well but we will learn and improve for the next time. Did you enjoy your tram ride though? Apologies to those competitors who were a bit baffled by my notes in the final details about the map – I hope it made more sense when you were actually there. And the final apology to anyone who spoke with me during the day – I hope I was able to answer your questions and solve any problems. If not ... Sorry. It's old age creeping up on me!.

This was probably the best event that I have been involved in with SELOC and I put that down to the hard work of a fantastic group of club members without whom this event could not have gone ahead.
And now the thank you's.

Initially, a big thank you to both Karen Robinson from Salford City Council and Clive Watson Spreddie at MediaCityUK for their invaluable support for the whole event – thank you for trusting us to make the event work. Also to David Rosen who has helped SELOC put on this Urban event. I appreciated your help and support.

To Pete who planned fantastic courses and was always there when I was panicking the week before the event and to his 'Controls' team of Mark and Matt who sacrificed any hope of a run to help him put out and collect controls.

To Steve Round, without whom this event really would not have been possible – he made my job as organiser so much easier by getting all the permissions and liaising with anyone and everyone. Now we can appreciate that when Steve and Paul Turner had this idea over a beer following a request from the Watersports Centre for an event, we shouldn't have laughed!

To both my start teams, but especially Stephen and Roy, who after a few initial comments, suggestions and pieces of advice from me just got on with the job and did it wonderfully.

To Alan, Joan, Rachel and Leanne who not only managed to fit a surprising number of bags into a small tent but also managed to find them again when you wanted them back! (P.S. I have got one bag left with a white T shirt and a thin grey sweatshirt in as well as two thumb compasses and a blue water bottle. If you have lost them please contact me.)

To Kath, Annmarie, Angela and Elaine who ran the most stressful part of the whole day really well. Thank you

To Mark for all the hard work he has done with the IT, before, during and after the event – did you appreciate the results on the screen? (thanks Clive) I thought they were fantastic.

To Eric, who has been there in the background helping with equipment – I'm sorry you couldn't get to the event.

And to the SELOC juniors, Therese, Joel, Josh and Adam who helped throughout the day with lots of little jobs as well as their allocated roles.

And finally, Lisa who put up with me and my controlling ways as well as my bugging Pete most evenings for being the best support on the day any organiser could want!

Thank you all!

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