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20130928 - Haigh Hall Results

A great turn out at Haigh Hall on Saturday with many courses on offer. The weather coming along to play too.

Results from the event .. and splits



SELOC Haigh Hall - 28/09/13

1st Lars Palmquist Jarfalla OK M50 43:02
2nd Pawel Bugajski ESOC M21 55:42
3rd Anya Crocker DEE W21 60:06
4th River Edis-Smith MDOC M14 70:02
5th Simon Crocker DEE M50 75:14
6th Paul Booth SELOC M45 78:34
7th Reg Simpson DEE M60 83:24
8th Iain Smith IND M45 83:55
9th Edwin Vancalston IND M50 85:45
10th Andrew Tomkinson SELOC M40 88:32
11th Karl Goddard IND M40 89:14
12th Andrew Robinson PFO M50 89:31
13th John Nuttall IND M65 102:25
14th Tony Varley SELOC M65 109:27
15th Josie Greenhalgh Horwich W40 123:48
16th Melody Thompson SELOC W50 150:51
m8-11 Peter Edwards DEE M75 93:32
m8-17 Dennis Norris SROC M55 76:54

Light Green
1st Paul Wright PFO M50 30:07
2nd Caroline Bullock IND W35 37:51
3rd Karen Quickfall SROC W50 39:18
4th John Mills DEE M65 48:21
5th Roy Stevenson SELOC M65 48:48
6th Peter Bullock IND M65 70:31
7th Joanna Treasure SELOC W50 70:33
8th Joel Thetford SELOC M14 78:41

1st Josh Sammon SELOC M12 24:16
2nd Nathan Sinclair SELOC M21 28:41
3rd Caroline Donelan PFO W50 52:44
4th Glenys McClellan IND W 55:54

1st Theo Middleton SELOC M6 24:54
2nd Natalie Bulsh IND W21 28:25
3rd Adam Thetford SELOC M7 31:19
4th Heather Edis-Smith MDOC W11 40:24
5th Charlotte Jesson PFO W10 50:11
6th Joshua Harrop SELOC M8 67:17

1st Steve McLean SWAC M50 43:56 24 (all)
2nd David Tomkinson SELOC M70 63:12 11


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